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The Clifton House

The Lucille Clifton Lecture

presented by aracelis grimay

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Vision, Commitment, and Goals

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

Register, Suggest, and Celebrate

"In the bigger scheme of things, the universe is not asking us

to do something, the universe is asking us to be something.

And that's a whole different thing."

– Lucille Clifton


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(Image Description: A photograph showing the side profile of elderly Black poet Lucille Clifton posing for the camera. The background of the photograph is a black studio wall. Lucille is wearing large silver hoop earrings, wire-rimmed oversized glasses, closely-cut white and graying afro, and off-white blouse with a decorative collar. She has a thoughtful expression and small, amused closed-mouthed smile.)
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